My professional art career began as a hair stylist, then photographer, costume designer, sculptor, computer painter/designer, water fountain designer, and writer. I’ve had art and fashion shows exhibiting in galleries in Washington, DC, Boston, London, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Laguna Beach, NYC, and San Francisco. My work is in many private collections worldwide.

For many years I made sculpture for special effects, sets and props for the film and theme park industry, working on over 30 feature films, with sculpture in Disneyland and Disney World, Universal Studios, Las Vegas hotels and a host of other theme parks around the world.

Using photography combined with computer techniques I make photo-composite art prints. Based on the above style of images, I created a series of original oil paintings.

I now live in Chiang Mai, Thailand where, along with sculpting, I write screenplays and novels. Currently, I have 18 screenplays, and 8 published novels, which may be seen at www.stuartland.com.

I also edit in depth for fiction and nonfiction, run creative writing workshops, and assist new and established writers in one-on-one sessions to elevate their writing to the next level.

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  1. Jeff Johnson says:

    I have all 6 of your Asana series and truly love them. I would like to get your beautiful Flower sculpture. Is it available?

    Thanks for fantastic art

    Jeff Johnson

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