Sculpture for Chinese Movies

Stuart and friend

Stuart and friend

Here are some photos of sculpture I made for Chinese movies. The first three sets were for John Woo’s newest film, THE CROSSING, a two-part love story war drama, and the most expensive Chinese film to date.

These images are pretty gross because they’re decimated corpses. Each body was reproduced to be a lot of bodies, so only parts of each showed so they didn’t all look like the same body.  They’re sculpted in water-based clay over a steel armature. I don’t have finished photos, nor photos of all the bodies I made. The first one is complete, but I somehow lost the shots of the finished second body, and I have none of the third. I hope to get them when I go back in October.

Below are an assortment of body parts blown up in a battle. The rotting arm is found in a fire, half burnt. The round things at the end are entry and exit gunshot wounds. I think this is the only time I’ve made stuff like this in my whole film career.

This stuff is for China’s very first werewolf movie. The weird, tortured corpse was sculpted 98% by another sculptor. I just did some detailing and made the feet and another set of arms and hands. You can see all the work that goes into these things.

The horns are for a Chinese fantasy film. As you can see, they were very popular in the lab. Soon after doing these, I was pulled off to write the screenplay they bought from me.

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