studioSL – the Visual Arts of Stuart Land

Hi there! Welcome to the visual arts site of Stuart Land. What you’ll find here is a cross-section of the various arts I’ve become involved in over the course of my career. By clicking on the images or links, you may experience just a taste, or delve deeper into the background of each art, with behind the scenes photos, technical details, and even some fascinating history (at least, that’s what my “good” friends tell me).

Hover on the images above for really cool slide-out information.

I’m happy to comment, or explain anything you find on my site, and even give limited advice for those in need. Just leave a comment so everyone can benefit from my answers.

Right now, I’m transitioning from my former static website to this interactive site, so some things may not be working just yet. Please do come back often to see improvements, and even better, sign up for my email updates.

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuart Land

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